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01 September 2008 @ 09:29 am

Hey loves!

So I'm back from my lovely trip to Ireland! :D It was amazing. ♥ We went to Dublin for 3 days and then we went to Cork (which is on the other side of Ireland) for the next 4 days *_* So on our way to Cork we got to see a lot of Ireland too *.* I was supposed to get back Friday already, but my Dad became very tired from driving so I was like 'I can drive, just tell me where to go :D" Lol he was so tired that he fell asleep instantly xD And me being the stupid one, thought "Well, I can drive them to the ferry too :O " Which was not true of course, because I got lost and we ended up on a road with no road lights o_O Which scared me lol. Then I just pulled over at a (again, scary) parking place, and slept as well lmao. And that is why we came back on Saturday instead of Friday (and missed our ferry lol) I know, we're a weird family. It's in the genes xD

Anyways, I'm going to uni again tomorrow :O I'm kind of nervous D: Since I know it's going to be a very tough year again and we'll actually get to work at hospitals =O Of course I'm excited too, but still, I dunno, weird feeling o_O I'll just work hard again this year and cross my fingers xD 
Oh and uni means some bad news too T__T I won't be able to post/comment that much anymoreT.T *sighs* I bought my books a few weeks ago and they're like omg-800-pages and that means that I'll have to read and study at least 70 pages a week to keep up T^T And I'm always back from uni around 6 pm, so you can imagine how my evenings must be <_< *wails* But I promise that I'll comment and post whenever I get time! Because I will miss my loves a lot T___T *huggles every one of you* ♥ 

Love you all! Take care ne! ♥ And a loot of good luck to everyone that's also starting with school again! <3 We can do iitt~~ 8D

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19 August 2008 @ 12:26 pm

Woo~ I'm going to Ireland *o* I'll leave tonight (with my whole family ♥) so I'm very excited :D I'll probably be back again by next Friday :3 And then I'll only have one more week before the next semester will start T_T *wails* But well, I'll do my best :D 

Oooh~ I haven't posted since I've seen Gazette and NewS' new dvd right? OWO That means that I didn't post a proper fangirlism-love-filled post yet D: I'll do that now XP
I really really love Gazette's new DVD! I was so excited to see the "new" songs live! And they performed them amazingly *_* At the end I did have to cry a little too (Ruki's voice is just amazing ♥). Again I had the feeling that it was too short lol, but of course it wasn't too short XP You know, time flies when you're having fun XP (lmao. My Math teacher always used to say this after class XD) I totally loved the intro part of Gentle Lie *___* It was amazing! ♥ And omg at their little naughty dances OwO 
And wooow, Reita threw his bass O.O He looked like a prof XD Oh and they costumes were very lovely too ♥ I really love Ruki's silver suit XD Even though guys with long hair aren't my thing, I have to admit that Aoi looked amazingly hot D8 *squeals*
I really hope someone will translate the backstage parts though D: I couldn't understand it at all, but I still enjoyed just looking at our lovely boys X3

And now over to NEWS' Pacific dvd :D It was lovely! I really enjoyed every bit of it X3 They were so hyper and excited, it made me very hyper too XD I really loved how they combined Devil or Angel and Shock me ♥ And Chirarizumu made me giggle as always XD *squeals* Ryo and Yamapi looked so cute dancing with Keii and Shige too X3 And lol at the backstage parts XD Keii was being very cute again xD The stainy-wainy pillow part was hilarious XD Really felt like rushing over to Japan and washing the pillows for him XD 

Anyways, I also have a very important thing to say to Dee D: Since I won't be able to post to my LJ tomorrow D8 Soo, 
I know that you'll do great! No wait, you'll do amazing! :D Just do your best (which I know you will X3) and everything will turn out just fine :3 (So afterwards you'll teach me Japanese right? :D *glomps* XP). And last but not least, have a lot of fun too!~ ♥ *chuu~* X3 *sends a lot of good-luck-huggles* 

Omg. I've watched episode 10 of 1 litre of tears yesterday T_T (yeah I'm late I know <_<) but gosh, I had to cry a lot T_T It's such a sad story *sniffles* Not to mention that I already start to cry whenever I hear the song Only Human T^T But of course the girl that played Aya makes it look and feel so real T.T And Ryo is such an amazingly cute actor too! *o* I hope I'll get to watch the last episode today :O Really wanna know how it'll end o.o

Ooh and! I'm so sorry that I haven't replied a lot of mails yet D8 These last few weeks I've been kind of busy with a lot of other things too (incl uni related things T_T) I finally bought the books too D: I had to pay 700 euros, but I'm glad that around 350 euros will be returned to me by my uni :O I'm already very broke lol. xD 
But~! I promise to reply the mails as soon as I am back! X3 *big huggle to everyone*

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04 August 2008 @ 09:12 am
Oh gosh, I've watched Yuuki last night. And I cried. A lot. *sniffs* [maybe there are some spoilers ahead..]
There was this part where Yuuki lost sight in his right eye, and his friends came to visit him in the hospital, and then suddenly you can see him sitting on the bed with a bandage all over his right eye, and I was like "OMG NO! D8" It was shocking T_T And there was this guy named Hama-chan (I really felt like I could kill him in the beginning, but he was cute ♥) and he never really went to visit Yuuki because he felt like he couldn't do anything about it anyway, but at the end you could see him crying about it a lot, and it was just really painful to see >_< [/spoilers]

I watched the first 15 mins months ago, so I was really ashamed of myself and forced myself to watch the whole movie D: Two of my friends came over too, and we all ended up crying. You just can't help but fall in love with Kame's character. *sigh* Everyone should watch it! It really is an amazing movie X3

And the day before yesterday I watched "What happens in Vegas" (don't ask me why :P). It's not the best romantic-comedy I've seen, but even so, it's a good laugh xD Ashton Kutcher is one weird guy. lol. I'm still wondering how drunk you must be to marry a guy that you've met just 4 hours ago <_<

Anyways.. I'm really starting to get these drama cravings. But well, there are plenty of dramas for me to watch 8D I still have to watch 1 Litre of tears (Ryooo-chaan ♥) *shame on me*, hmm, also started watching Tatta hitotsu no Koi (OMG Kokame ♥), Anego (Jiiin ♥), Sappuri (Kame again ♥).. And really wanna see Absolute Boyfriends too 8D
Ah, a lot to do ne 8B

Buut, I really need to do some serious shopping too >__< I still have to buy my uni books for coming semester T_T And they are like, 200 euros each T___T *wails* And if I don't hurry up, they'll be sold out, and I'll have to buy them double the price <_< Which sucks. And I want some new pairs of shoes. T^T

OMG ~ *fangirl moment* Gazette's DVD is almost out ♥ ! 8D *squeals* I was supposed to get my own copy too, but I let my boyfriend pre-order it, and I don't know what he did, but it ended up not being pre-ordered. *sigh* I still don't get it <_< 
And NewS's new DVD is coming too! :D Gosh, this makes me one happy girl again 8B

Lol. I'm making a lot of random comments :P *hides* Oh Kagrra is coming to Holland! :D The 25th of August. 8D I'm not sure whether I can go though, because me and one of my friends were supposed to go to Spain for a week in August *really hope it's not the same week* But at least I'm happy that the Jrockers found our country on the world map 8D I really hope Gazette will come to Holland one day too *_* And our beloved JE-boys XD

Lmao, I was just watching Chirarizumu by Koyama and Shige, and gosh. They are two little naughty boys XD Not that we mind ♥ I can't believe they can actually keep that innocent look while singing  a song like this o_O

Okay, so I guess I should stop babbling >_<'' I hope you're all enjoying the sun as much as I am ♥ (if there's no sun,  *sends some sunbeams over* There :D)

Love you all ♥
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25 July 2008 @ 10:11 am
Okay, so my cellphone just fell off of my balcony o_O And is kinda dead now.. My gosh, I think I just squeaked XP But it wasn't really old yet D: *wails* Gosh, so now I won't be able to answer my phone calls.. Well duh.. That really sucks T.T

Anyways, I just stole a meme from bitofpixiedust. So this is a meme for me to get to know people on my flist a little bit better, as well as for you guys to get to know me better 8B Please post this (with your own answers of course xP) to your own LJ too! 8D 

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23 July 2008 @ 09:05 am
Hey everyone!

Okay, so I am 22 now. Old? o.o Should I feel old? D: *hides* Gosh, I've been ranting too much about my age O.O (Sorry Cindy o.o *hides*) I'm going to stop :D Because I still feel like I'm 6 years old, and that's the most important thing right? :D *coughs*

Anyways, so about yesterday, which was my birthday :D.. Like I said, there was a (bigger than I expected) surprise party 8D You know, very filmy xP I already knew about the surprise party, but there were a looot of friends that I hadn't seen for a long time, so I was really happy to see them again too, so it was a very nice way to start your day X3 They had a very big cake, and my lovely friend Kelly (who is also a J-music fan) ordered a (huge) cake with a (huge) Yamapi picture on it 8D Yaays~ :D It was lovely to see him on my birthday-morning too xP But I felt so bad when I actually had to cut the cake >__< It was soo pwettyyy D8 Okay, so anyways, after the cake (gosh, in the morning.. I was already really full o.o) they had prepared a lovely breakfast X3 With croissants! :D Yes, God knows how much I love those xP *hides* And after that, they gave me a lot of lovely presents <3 Including a a hairstyler! :D Lool, so I did have a really good one, but it broke on the day that I was suposed to do my friend's hair xP So yeah, I was already planning on buying one x'D I'll be able to straighten my hair again! :D (I love curls, but sometimes they really start to annoy me D8) Though, it'll take me about an hour to get my hair really straight o_O See, that's why I envy you so much Ally O.O And everyone with lovely straight hair X3 

Hmm okay, and then it was already 2 pm before I had actually noticed o.o My girl-friends (lol) took me to a Spa (Ah gosh, I loove those) and I had a suuuperamazing massage o.o Gosh, it was so relaxing <3 And it was really an amazing afternoon X3 

And after that Toshiya came to pick me up (poor boy >_< He was home all alone D:) and we went to my parents' place :3 And we watched "What happens in Vegas", lol. It was a feel-good-movie, so it was nice (: And afterwards we had dinner, which was prepared by my parents, it was so amazing *~* I almost considered of moving back again :P Yeah, it was that  yummy XP j/k xD

Ah one more thing! I really wanted to thank my dearies for wishing me on my bday, you know who you are! <3 (I love spammed inboxes xP) *gives cookies to everyone*

I'm going to have breakfast noow ^__^ And (hopefully) spam some journals later on X3 Love you all! <3
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