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Look! A rainbow! X3

Bukiyou Na Ai Seoi~ I carry an unexpected love.. (Akanishi Jin)

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teh girl

HI,So I'm Melanie (feel free to call me like that XD) and I'm 19 years old. I'm living in Holland since I was 4, originally born in Italy. I'm living on my own in a house near Amsterdam. It's a nice city to live in, with very nice people too ^^ I've got a lots of books and so I love to read them. I've also got a special interest in Japan and in Jrock music. I named some of my favorite bands in my "Interests". But at the moment I'm totally in love with the Jrock band "Gazette". I think they're a really good band and their music rocks too! But I can almost listen to any kind of music, whether it's Hip Hop or Rock. I think it just have to sound good, then it's ok with me. I'm also a snowboarder! I really LOVE snowboarding! I'm snowboarding since I'm 8 and it's still a hobby of mine.

I also love watching movies with friends! I like action and thriller/horror movies best. I don't really like the Romantic onces, because I think they're all the same XD Or.. I haven't seen a "good" one yet ^^; Could be.. Anyway.. So yeah, I think that's a bit about myself and my interests! If you want to know something more, just feel free to ask me!!


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Lay outs by hikaru_sama Thank you so very much honey!! ~<3 *loves*